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TOPIC atoz
Medicinal Plant Database 1,235
Medicinal Rice for Kidneys 1,035
CKD 1,034
Alternative Treatment for Kidney Disease 1,013
Herbal Natural Remedies for Chronic renal insufficiency 1,006
Traditional Herbal Medicines for Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3 1,006
Sanjivani booti for Kidneys 1,005
Promising Validated Healing Methods for Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) 981
Botanical Medicines for Kidneys 978
Herbal Medicines for Cardiorenal metabolic syndrome 978
Herbal Medicines for diseases and disorders affecting kidney function 975
Stage 3 Kidney Disease Diet 975
Adivasi Medicines for renal diseases 970
Herbal Medicines for Pain Management in Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3 970
Tribal Herbal Drugs for Kidney Health 970
Nephroprotective Validated Complex Herbal Formulations 953
Revitalization of Kidneys through Tribal Healing Practices and Medicines 944
Diseases 782
Traditional Knowledge Documentation 742
ERIC Archive 740
Oryza sativa L. 697
Ayurvedic Cure for Chronic Kidney Failure 684
Eye Diseases 663
Kidney Herbs by Herbal Medical Practitioners 623
Agricultural Biodiversity 600
Sexually Transmitted Diseases 597
Medicinal Red Rice of Chhattisgarh 570
Medicinal Rice Knowledge bank 569
Saving Chhattisgarh Rice 569
Biodiversity Driven Drug Discovery 567
Medicinal Rice Biotechnology 560
Cây lúa 559
Hrísgrjón 559
Pirinç 559
Ryžis 559
Rýže 559
ρύζι 559
пиринач 559
ข้าว 559
イネ 559
水稻 559
Medicinal Rice Germplasm 550
Rice Allelopathy 546
Seeds for future 543
Oryza with Adivasi Medicines 542
Medicinal Rice in Indigenous Peoples' food systems 526
Medicinal Rice in Traditional Food System 526
Asian Rice Germplasm for Chronic Diseases 520
Black Rice as Tribal Traditional Food 520
Genital Diseases, Female 520
Medicinal Rijst and Nutritional anthropology 520
Traditional Indian Tribal food 520
Wild and weedy Oryza in Tribal Food Systems 520
Wild rice in Tribal Agriculture 520
Indigenous Rice 519
Arròs as Traditional Aboriginal Medicine 515
Forgotten Traditional Rice and Endangered Tribes 514
Innovative medicinal rice based food products 508
Communicable Diseases 507
Chhattisgarh Rice Agriculture for Nutrition and Health 500
Famine Food Plants as Antidiabetic Agents 494
Herbal Medicines for Minimal change disease 494
Rice of the gods and goddesses 490
Ancient Nanotechnology based Oryza Formulations 487
पंकज अवधिया के शोध कार्य 481
Communicable diseases 476
Mosquito Repellent Plants 475
Plant diseases 471
Medicinal Rice popular among Adivasis of India 469
छत्तीसगढ़ में धान 468
बस्तर के आदिवासियों की दुर्लभ औषधीय वनस्पतियाँ 460
550 Days Schedule for CKD 454
Ethnic uses of Traditional Lowland Rice 451
Reis in Traditional Cuisine 448
Medicinal Plants and raw drugs of India 445
Oryza and Healing Millets in Ayurvedic Home Remedies 441
Culinary uses of non-cultivated Oryza 431
Food Taboos and Folk Medicines 431
Invasive Alien Species in Medicinal Rice Formulations 431
Allelopathically enriched Oryza for Health 429
Forgotten Medicinal Rice used by Primitive Tribes 429
Medicinal Black Rice of Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand 429
Wild Rice Database 429
Sexually transmitted diseases 422
Forgotten Indigenous Medicines and Medicinal Plant Research 419
Traditional Folk Food in Rural India 419
Wild Curcuma in Rice Formulations 419
Wound Healing Medicinal Plants in Ancient Rice Formulations 419
Integration of Indigenous Traditional Remedies in primary health care 417
New Oryza Research 417
Medicinal Orchids in Red Rice Formulations 413
Indigenous Herbal Drugs for General Health care 412
Eye 408
Nervous System Diseases 407
Asian Medicinal Plants for Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders 405
Tribal Knowledge on Indian Food Plants 405
Medicinal Plants of Narsinghnath 399
Medicinal non-timber forest products of Gandhamardan Hills 399
Cyclotides in Ancient Tribal Medicines 397
Conserving Rice Genetic Resources 394
Folk Food Conservation 393
Antipyretic properties of native wild wood Mushrooms 392
Communicable Diseases United States Statistics Periodicals. 386
Indigenous Medicinal Plants for Kidney Dysfunction 383
Nephroprotective Potential of Medicinal Oilseeds 365
361 Days Schedule for CKD 362
Medicinal Millets in Chronic Kidney Disease Formulations 362
Native Renoprotective Medicinal Orchids of Tribal Domain 362
Encyclopedia of Tribal Medicines 359
Medicinal Plants used by local Vaidyas 356
Traditional Health Care Knowledge of Vaidyas 356
Traditional Medicinal Practices of India 356
Traditional Vaidyas of India 356
Integration of Oryza based Traditional Herbal Medicines 352
Medicinal Pис in Tribal Aboriginal Diets 352
Neglected and Underutilized Species as Tribal Remedies 352
Vedic indigenous wild food plants 352
Medicinal Trees of Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand 351
Skin Diseases 350
Medicinal Rice Farming for Rural Development 348
Ophthalmology 345
Local indigenous knowledge about medicinal plants 344
Desi Stevia with Medicinal Rice 343
Threatened plants in Medicinal Rice Formulations 342
Antibacterial and antiviral activities of Indigenous Rice Formulations 339
Oryza Research by Pankaj Oudhia 339
Validated Herbal Ingredients of Entomophagy and Entomotherapy Formulations 339
Ethnomedicinal Exploration of Oryza 338
Bastar Folk Rice 332
Heart Diseases 331
भारत का पारम्परिक आदिवासी ज्ञान 327
Ayurvedic Cure for Chronic Kidney Failure in Chhattisgarh 322
Healthcare system practiced by traditional vaidyas 321
Kidney Herbs by Herbal Medical Practitioners of Madhya Pradesh 321
Folk Healers of Chhattisgarh 316
Folk Healers of Odisha 316
Vanishing Traditional Medicinal Rice 309
Herbal Medicines to Reduce Creatinine 308
Recent Medicinal Plant Research 308
Traditional Pharmacotherapy of nephropathy 308
Rice Fortification through Traditional Agricultural Knowledge 301
Medicinal Rice of Karnataka and Chhattisgarh series 292
Rice in Ayurvedic Medicines and Formulations 289
Rice landrace diversity in Chhattisgarh 289
Vedic Rice Science in Asia 289
Economic plants in Archeology of Chhattisgarh and Odisha 283
Prehistoric medicines of Chhattisgarh 283
छत्तीसगढ़ के पारम्परिक व्यंजन और उनके औषधीय घटक 283
Folk medicines of Chhattisgarh and Odisha 280
Antifungal Properties of Medicinal Plants of Chhattisgarh 273
Conservation of Traditional Rice Landraces 273
Medicinal Plants used by Gond Healers 272
Medicinal Plants used by Kamar Healers for modern diseases 272
Orchid Flora of Amarkantak 272
Orchid Flora of Bastar 272
Orchid Flora of Chhattisgarh Plains 272
Oryza Formulations for Sickle Cell Anemia 263
Underutilized wild edible plants of Chhattisgarh 262
Ear Diseases 260
Medicinal Plants of Chhattisgarh 260
Wild Tribal Food plants of Rajasthan 257
Medicinal Plants of Chhattisgarh and Forgotten Formulations 253
Medicinal Plants of Orissa with Immunopotentiating properties 253
Medicinal plants of Bastar with Antifertility potential 253
Medicinal plants of Chhattisgarh with Antihepatotoxic properties 253
Medicinal plants of Chhattisgarh with hypolipidemic activity 253
Forgotten Medicinal Plants from Community Gene Bank 249
Bracket Mushrooms in Rice Formulations 241
Key Ingredients of Wild Rice Formulations 239
Medicinal Black Oryza Formulations in Eastern India 239
Medicinal Plants of Amarkantak and Gandhamardan Hills with Immunestimulating properties 238
Medicinal Plants of Chhattisgarh and Odisha with Antistress activity 238
Medicinal plants of Kanger valley and Surguja with Antiinflammatory properties 238
Organic Farming of Red Rice 236
Organic Medicinal Agriculture 234
Rice Research by Pankaj Oudhia 234
Rice landrace diversity 234
Agriculture 233
Key Ingredients of Vishalya Karani (Visalyakarani) and Mrita Sanjeevani based Herbal Formulations 231
Traditional Healers of Gujarat 231
Tribal Healers of Madhya Pradesh 231
Gynecology 229
Medicinal Plants of Chhattisgarh and Telangana with immunostimulatory properties 216
Medicinal plants of Maharashtra and Jharkhand with Radioprotective potential 216
Medicine 213
Traditional indigenous healing in India 205
Traditional tribal healing knowledge 205
Ayurvedic Drug Toxicity Management 202
Endangered Edible Orchids in Traditional Healing 202
Ethnobotany 201
Biodiversity 200
Paramparik Gyan 199
Medicinal Plants of India 194
Medicinal Plants of Tribal Folktales 192
Tribal Folk Medicinal Plant Resources 192
Tribal Medicinal Plants of Maharashtra 192
Ayurveda 187
Rice in Ayurvedic Herbal Medicines 186
Wound Healing Ethnomedicinal Plants of Bastar 180
Syphilis 177
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